New updates on mama kakembo (zayina)

We have just found out that zayina she is also pregnant and HIV POSITIVE and her son his also HIV positive 

I really need your help so that they can start the treatment the more we wait the more HIV weakens their body 

that means we have to give them  more especial care we pray that God will provide and she will deliver well, we are needing your help so that we can take zayina for medical treatment, cause she is in very much pain

Kakembo john

Kakembo is story, we found him abandoned in the house staving left to die and her mother, at 13 years old her mother was forced into marriage at 14 years she was a mother, and later her husband run away from them, kakembo is mother she is also psychologically tortured and she dose not talk but God is good we found them in time and the good news is they both now under of care at our orphanage

Jamimah learning how to stand

Her name is jamimah, 12 years old, she could not walk, and talk she is a sickle cell patient she is now under of care and she started receiving treatment 


Her body was completely weak and half paralysed, she could cry all day and night, we thank God for the miracle below 

Ngobya ceaser & justine in the hospital waiting for doctor to treat jamimah
Ngobya ceaser & justine in the hospital waiting for doctor to treat jamimah

The video below showing jamimah learning to walk after she got the treatment 

We have other sickle cell patients and cancer patients who are unable to access treatment because of extreme poverty in our country, some time we even luck what to feed them please consider supporting us so that we are able to save lives 
Ngobya ceaser junior