FOUNDER OF NJC HOME OF MERCY, many have been asking what does ‘NJC’ means? It just comes from My name NGOBYA JUNIOR CEASER


During my childhood I was a perfect orphan with out any help I can’t forget all the times i Slept hungry,to cut my story, one day I was passing near a church I saw there was some outreach going on it had many visitors from different parts of the world who were helping the poor, I was very hungry and I went inside to see if I can get some food but surprisingly this changed my life, inside there I met a lady from Bulgaria i narrated to her how I was suffering she did not only pray for me but she also became a loving mother to me and she taught me about  JESUS  CHRIST and on that day I become a Christian, I told her I want to study like other children she replied me fine tell me the school you want to go to, I saw stars I couldn’t believe it a poor boy like me to get a caring mother, She sponsored my education and cares for me, there is no way I can pay her back but I also decided to pay it forward and I started up this orphanage and this organization belongs to God which is helping many people, what a beautiful caring loving heart VIL has, why don’t you join me in this ministry I need volunteers, donors and sponsors come and we become a big family, one day I believe the people we are helping will also pay it forward, when I die in soil I will return but before I die I would love to leave is chin continuing, VIL started it the day she decided to help me 

Ngobya ceaser junior